Soundproofing Your Ceiling

Does your home seems like the noisiest place on earth? Believe it or not, soundproofing your home isn’t difficult to do. Ceilings are the part of a room people tend to find most difficult and, as such, neglect. Some simply can’t imagine that the sound problems they are experience are coming from above their heads.

Truth – sound exists. Truth – soundproofing a ceiling is easy, especially if you do the job while the room is under construction. Here’s what you need to do.

  • First, cut your drywall into a series of strips that will fit between your new ceiling joists. Take some Green Glue, apply it to the strips, and attach the strips to the drywall, with the Green Glue between the subfloor above and the drywall. If you have severe noise problems, install a second layer of Green Glue and drywall before moving on.
  • Continue by installing regular fiberglass batting in between the joists. Don’t forget to cover any recessed lighting areas.
  • Take your whisper clips and attach them to the joists. Install your hat channel, running it through the clips.
  • Screw your next layer of drywall to the hat channels.
  • Squirt another layer of Green Glue to the new layer of drywall. Install a second layer of drywall over top, using screws.
  • Seal the seams around the edges of the room, and between the drywall sheets, with acoustical caulk.
  • Spackle, paint, and finish the ceiling as appropriate.

There are, obviously, quite a few steps involved. If you are on a budget, you can definitely omit a few layers of drywall and Green Glue.

Now, you can still soundproof a ceiling in a room or home that is already finished, without tearing apart all of the work that already exists. All you have to do is add a layer of Green Glue to the existing ceiling, affix a second layer of drywall over top, seal the seams with acoustical caulk, and finish the ceiling as you wish.

Before you know it, the sounds of televisions in the room above, furniture sliding across the floor, or footsteps will be a thing of the past. Soundproofing the ceiling will be a project you’re glad you finished!

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