How to Block Outside Sound

So it’s time to soundproof your home. Chances are, you have one of two main problems. You’re either trying to block sound that is being created within your home, or sound that is coming from the outside. To be honest, quite a few people find exterior sound more aggravating than sound from the inside. That’s a reasonable reaction, considering you really can’t control what’s going on outside. There’s nothing you can do about traffic, airplanes, and sometimes even your noisy neighbors.

Fortunately, there are quite a few options to consider when it comes to creating a sound barrier so that exterior sounds can’t enter your home. While some are a bit complex, others are simpler. Here are four you should consider before doing anything else.

1. Survey Your Windows

Take a look at the windows throughout your home. Check to make sure they’re all properly installed and properly sealed. If not, grab some acoustical caulk and seal any gaps you see. If that doesn’t help, add a 2nd pane of glass over the one that is already there to create a 1-inch gap in between. Make sure you do these things before you even consider wasting your money on new windows. Purchasing manufactured windows that claim to be soundproof isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

2. Switch Doors

The next step in soundproofing your home is to double check your exterior doors. Are they hollow doors or heavy, solid doors? The latter will do a much better job when it comes to blocking sound. Replace any flimsy doors with something more rigid and you’ll notice an immediate difference.

3. Landscape the Outside

Good landscaping around the outside of your home can actually be very beneficial to your soundproofing efforts. While building a concrete wall or lining your garden with bricks may seem like a worthwhile effort, neither will really block sound. Planting plants and bushes around the edges of your home will help keep sound from the streets from penetrating the outside walls.

4. Soundproofing the Exterior Walls

If all of the sound you are fighting is coming from the outside than you should seriously consider soundproofing the walls that face the outside of your home. This can easily be done by adding a layer of Green Glue to the offending wall and then screwing a second layer of drywall over top of the first. Use acoustical caulk to seal the seams, refinish the walls, and you’re done. If you’re on a budget,only do the walls in the rooms where sound bothers you most – like the bedroom or your private office.

Peace and quiet is a right – especially in your own home. Take the time to soundproof and you’ll be much happier – guaranteed.

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