How to Soundproof Your Metal Garage

So your kids just came home and told you they want to start taking music lessons. Your teenager suddenly has an interest in loud metal music. Your head simply can’t take the noise anymore. While it’s important to be supportive of the hobbies your children develop as they evolve into young adults, it’s also important to protect your own level of sanity. One of the best ways to give your children space to express themselves is to consider soundproofing your metal garage, making it into a practice space where they can be as noisy as they like -without disturbing the rest of the world.

If you have a young child you may not need to do as much soundproofing work as you anticipated, focusing more on sound isolation and absorption than anything else. Older children, making more noise or trying to hold band practice in the garage, may require you to focus on sound diffusion in addition to sound absorption.

How does one get started? It’s easy. The first thing you need to do is survey the inside of your garage. Can you see any cracks or gaps where sunlight is peeking through? If so, grab a tube of acoustical caulk and seal them up. Check the walls and the areas around the windows, if you have any. All of these spaces are letting sound in and out of the garage.

Your next step is to buy some Green Glue and some drywall. First, line the inside of your garage with a layer of drywall and seal the seams with acoustical caulk. Install drywall over the top, install your second layer of drywall, and seal the seams again. Spackle the walls and finish them with whatever type of paid you’d like.

After the walls are finished, lay some carpet on the floor. The concrete may seem sufficient but as far as sound is concerned it is not. Carpet will keep sound waves from reverberating along the floors of the garage, keeping things quite a bit quieter.

Finally, make sure the garage has a strong, solid door. Hollow doors allow sound to pass through very easily whereas a solid door will block it.

It’s very easy to soundproof a garage, whether you plan to use it as a music studio or something else. Your kids will be proud to have a space of their own – and you’ll be pleased with the level of peace and quiet your household suddenly achieves!

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