Hiring the Right Soundproofing Expert

Let’s get one thing straight from the start. We are not huge advocates of hiring soundproofing consultants or experts of any kind. For the most part, a soundproofing consultant will come into your home, do the same type of investigative research you could have handled on your own, tell you how to solve your problem, and then send you large bill for his time. We recognize, however, that not everyone has the time, ability, or inclination to do that type of soundproofing work and, as such, you might want to hire a contractor to do it on your behalf. So what should you do to make sure you’re working with the right contractor?

Start by doing your own soundproofing research. Find out where your noise problems are coming from. Study your walls, ceilings, doors, and windows to identify all of the possible areas through which sound could be entering your home. Knowing the source of your problem makes it easy to determine what soundproofing materials and techniques are best – and it also makes it easy to talk to the contractor who visits your house. Knowing your own problems will prevent contractors from being able to take advantage of you – offering to do more work than is actually necessary.

Set up interviews with a handful of different contractors. Make sure they’re willing to take the time to discuss your sound concerns. A contractor who blows off your ideas while insisting his are the only ones that are right is not a contractor you want to do ongoing business with.

Don’t let your contractor treat you as an inferior, either. You may not be right about your ideas concerning how to solve your problem but you don’t deserve to be spoken down to either. Don’t work with any contractor who can’t treat you with a high level of respect. He should be able to explain the differences between various soundproofing techniques while outlining the pros and cons of using each for your project. If he can’t, don’t hire him.

In the end, you are the one with the sound problem and you know what needs to be done to have it solved. Don’t be intimidated by contractors and sound professionals. It’s your house and your life. Take control!

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