Creating a College Dorm Music Studio

Let’s face it. The average college student is pretty ambitious. Most are tackling a full course load while attempting to maintain a relatively decent personal life. Many have hobbies that some of us really admire. So what happens if you’re a college student in love with creating music? You can’t afford to rent space in a recording studio but you really want to maintain your sanity. What’s the solution?

Create a college dorm music studio by soundproofing your room!

The truth is that you can turn any space, small or large, into a recording studio. Because you don’t own your space you’ll need to find some reversable soundproofing techniques but even that won’t be difficult.

If you’re a casual musian and aren’t totally worried about the quality of your recordings you can start with some very simple modifications to your room. These include simply moving around the furniture so that it absorbs sound before it is able to reverberate against the walls. You can even hang tapestries or quilts from the walls to help in these efforts.

Those looking for something a bit more professional will need to make a small investment in some professional soundproofing materials. You won’t want to use materials like Green Glue, even though they are most effective, because you’ll need to remove them from the walls later on. You likely don’t have permission to make such permanent modifications to your dorm room anyway.

The solution is to lean towards other professional tools. Materials like mass loaded vinyl or acoustical panels can be easily hung from the walls – carefully, with little adhesive – so that you can remove them later on. Use a very small amount of construction adhesive to attach them and you’ll only need to do a little bit of scraping and painting to cover the surface when you take them down at the end of your school year.

Treat the walls (and the door) and once you’re done you’ll be ready to move in your recording equipment (likely your laptop and some speakers). Start recording and enjoy the improved quality of your work thanks to a few simple soundproofing measures!

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