Don’t Make These Soundproofing Mistakes

So some sort of noise is bothering you and you really want (or need) to soundproof a room in your home? Fortunately for you, soundproofing takes some time but is almost never a complicated task. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with some of the soundproofing materials available and creating your own sound barrier will end up costing you little – in both money and effort.

A while back we gave you a list of soundproofing mistakes to avoid. Now we’re back with a few more for you to consider. Take them to heart and you’ll have a successful soundproofing project on your hands.

Hiring a Soundproofing Consultant

Let’s get this one out of the way first. Soundproofing consultants are professionals and work hard for a living. If you’re going to try to create a professional sound studio you may actually need to consult one. If you’re working on your home, however, hiring a soundproofing consultant will prove a waste of money. All the consultant will do is look around your home for gaps and places where sound can escape or enter (the same things you can do on your own). Save yourself some cash and do the research yourself.

Heeding Outdated Advice

When you tell your friends and family members about your soundproofing goals they’ll likely jump up and offer all of the unsolicited advice you could ever imagine. They’ll tell you to use old mattresses to pad the walls, paint your surfaces with dark colors, and they might even tell you to pump cellulose into the walls. Don’t do it. Purchase some quality soundproofing materials and do the job right.

Guessing which Materials to Use

Never guess when it comes to soundproofing. Make sure you are confident about the source of your noise issues and make sure you are sure about the type of material you need – whether it’s mass loaded vinyl, Green Glue, or something else. Read the instructions and make sure you properly install your products.

Filing Reports with the Police

Calling the police to complain about noise doesn’t usually solve anyone’s problems. The police can’t usually do much to stop noise (unless there is some sort of rowdy party) and calling them won’t endear you to your neighbors, making your neighborhood a miserable place to live.

Drawing Inaccurate Conclusions

Be very careful about determining the source of your sound problems. It may turn out that you don’t need to soundproof your home at all. If, for example, your neighbor does not realize his teenage son is playing the radio out his bedroom window he won’t be able to do anything about it. Knocking on his door and letting him know there is a problem may be all the soundproofing you need to do!

Avoid these critical mistakes and you’re guaranteed a successful project!

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