Soundproofing Your Home Theater

Every great fan of the cinema dreams of having a spectacular home theater. The problem is that building a theater inside one’s home can, depending on your goals, take a lot of money and time. Throwing some furniture and a television into a room simply isn’t going to cut it when it comes to creating the perfect movie-watching atmosphere. You need a quiet ambiance similar to a regular theater – minus the messy people, smelly popcorn, and kids kicking your chair. In order to build a great home theater you need to remember one very important thing – soundproofing.

If you’re s single guy or girl living in a house you might not see the benefits of soundproofing right away. If you have a family or live in a multi-unit dwelling you’ll recognize the need immediately. Your wife will start complaining about not being able to read while you’re watching a movie. The neighbors will start knocking on your door because the volume is too loud. In the end, you’ll want to make sure your theater is in a space where a) you aren’t disturbed and b) where you aren’t disturbing others. In order to do this you’ll need to complete a simple acoustical soundproofing project.

Before you get started we should dispell a few myths. No matter what anyone tells you, you simply cannot properly soundproof any room (let alone a home theater) using alternative materials like old mattresses, blown insulation, or egg crates. Using professional soundproofing materials is much more effective. Besides – gathering all of that junk will cost a lot of money and you’ll end up spending more to buy the right materials once you realize you have to redo your project. Save yourself the aggravation by buying the right materials the first time instead.

The actual soundproofing process is very simple. Start by adding a layer og Green Glue to the existing wall surfaces and then add a second layer of drywall over top. Seal the seams with acoustical caulk, paint and refinish your walls, and you’ll essentially have a completed project. Remove your hollow interior door and replace it with something solid, double check the windows to make sure they’re sealed properly, and call it a day.

Once you complete this list of action items you’ll have a room that’s essentially soundproof – perfect for a home theater. Decorate and furnish it as you please and enjoy your new quiet space!

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