Introducing Silenseal

Most people believe that if you are going to start a soundproofing project you should automatically try to use Green Glue to complete the project. What many fail to realize, however, is that no matter what type of soundproofing project you are attempting you will need at least a little bit of acoustical caulk. If this is the case, Silenseal Acoustical Sealant is one of the best on the market.

Think about it. What if you’re simply trying to seal a crack that may be letting noise seep through a wall? What if you’re merely trying to fill in the gaps around a windor or door frame seal? Things like that are small projects and don’t require the use of Green Glue. An acoustical caulk like Silenseal will easily get the job done.

Larger projects, on the other hand, may require the use of both Green Glue and Silenseal. Once you apply your Green Glue and install your new drywall you’ll need to seal the seams between those new layers. Acoustical caulks are great for this purpose.

Introducing Silenseal

Silenseal, as mentioned, is one of the foremost acoustical caulks available. If you use it to complete your project you are guaranteed to gain a higher STC rating than you would have without it. The product has been used in construction projects around the country and is a favorite amongst contractors.

This particular acoustical caulk is not only effective but easy to use as well. You simply slide the tube into a standard sized caulkin gun and carefully apply it to whatever surface needs soundproofing work. It will adhere to gypsum board, metal, concrete, and wood. It applies easily and is very simple to clean up as well.

Is Silenseal Expensive?

Silenseal isn’t very expensive at all. You can purchase 4 tubes for $35 or 12 tubes for around $78.

The type of project you are working on will determine how much you get out of each tube. If you use a small 1/4 inch bead you’ll get up to 89 linear feet of caulk out of one tube. If you use a larger 1/2 inch bead you’ll only get 22 feet.

Silenseal is safe to use as well. It’s nonflammable, won’t stain your surfaces, is VOC compliant, and is both cohesive and adhesive.

No soundproofing project is complete without some sort of acoustical caulk. Your best bet is to pick up some Silenseal and try it for yourself!

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