FAQ Sheet – Green Glue (P2)

This week we’re going to continue our exploration of the incredible Green Glue damping compound by answering a few more of your questions about this versatile soundproofing material. It’s one of the most well-loved soundproofing materials available today and is used by both amateur and professional sound proofing experts.

What is Green Glue used for?

Green Glue is an incredible soundproofing product made by the Green Glue company. As a damping compound, Green Glue works to both block and absorb sound by blocking vibrations before they have the chance to pass through walls, ceilings, framing, or floors. Green Glue can be purchased in 5 gallon buckets (for professionals) or in smaller 29 ounce tubes.

Is Green Glue Easy to Use?

Green Glue is incredibly easy to use. Much easier, in fact, than most other soundproofing materials. It’s not only easy to use but easy to clean up as well. Your tube of Green Glue will slide into a standard caulking gun and can than be easily squirted on the walls you want to treat. You’ll install new drywall over top of the old, seal the seams with acoustical caulk, and refinish the walls. It’s that easy!

Can I use Green Glue without extra drywall?

Nope. Green Glue only works when it is sandwiched between two layers of some sort of rigid material – and drywall is the most effective. If you have a really bad soundproofing problem you may want to consider making a triple layer with two layers of Green Glue and two additional layers of drywall.

What’s the best way to secure the drywall?

The absolute best way to secure drywall in a soundproofing project is by using screws. The screws will work to compress the Green Glue between the layers of drywall, spreading it out so that it can do its job more effectively. You have to check with your city construction bureau before using screws, though. Not all allow anything other than the use of standard nails to attach drywall to studs.

Will the Green Glue take up a lot of space?

No. As a matter of fact, Green Glue won’t add very much thickness to your walls at all. The damping compound itself is only about 1/2 mm thick and then only additional space will be the thickness created by your drywall, ranging from 1/4 to 1/2 inch.

Have more questions? Read the first installment of our Green Glue FAQ Sheet or simply give us a call!

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