FAQ Sheet – Green Glue (P1)

Green Glue damping compound has quickly become one of the most widely recognized soundproofing products on the market today. Both amateur and professional soundproofers appreciate it for both its ease of use and affordability. This guide has been put together as part of a two-part series designed to introduce you to the benefits of using Green Glue in your next soundproofing project. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about this incredible product.

Is it possible to use Green Glue without using drywall?

Nope. Green Glue needs to be used between two layers of a strong, rigid material. Many people ask about using soundboard with Green Glue but because of its porous nature, and its lack of strength in general, soundboard really won’t contribute to a successful sound proofing project.

Can Green Glue be dangerous?

No. As a matter of fact, Green Glue is one of the safest soundproofing materials available. The Green Glue company prides itself on being eco-friendly and has designed products that are also non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. You may notice a slight odor after using the product but it usually fades away within a day, if not much sooner.

Is Green Glue a fire hazard?

Absolutely not. The testing Green Glue underwent before being released for public use proved that the product is not a fire hazard in any way. It has actually be approved for use in buildings with specific fire-ratings. You can soundproof your home without fear of flammability!

Is Green Glue expensive?

Nope – especially compared to other soundproofing materials. Green Glue costs around $14 per tube (or $165 for a full case of 12). Do the math and you’ll find out you’re spending a mere $.75 cents per square foot of drywall you apply the material to. It’s a great method of noise reduction!

Will I need a ton of Green Glue?

Good news here, too. It takes about 2 tubes of Green Glue to cover a standard 4’x8′ sheet of drywall. You can use three if you really want to but it isn’t necessary. Anything more than that will actually reduce Green Glue’s effectiveness.

Are you ready to start soundproofing? Let us know if you need help and we’ll get you all the information you could possible need about using Green Glue in your next project!

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