What is Green Glue?

If you’ve been researching soundproofing products and materials than you’ve probably come across at least a little bit of information about Green Glue Damping Compound and a number of other products made by the same corporation. Even though it has an odd name, Green Glue is, by far, one of the best soundproofing materials you will ever get your hands on.

Green Glue Tubes and Buckets are easy to use, inexpensive to purchase, and effective. It’s been used in both commercial and residential projects, ranging from bedrooms to hotels to acoustical studios. So why is Green Glue so wonderful?

There are several different types of soundproofing materials available and Green Glue falls into a category known as damping compounds. Damping compounds are used to add an extra layer to just about any surface. You don’t have to scrape away existing paint or wallpaper before applying the compound. All you have to do is squirt the material over top of the existing surface, install a second layer of drywall over top of the Green Glue, and refinish the wall. The results will be astounding.

As we mentioned before, Green Glue is not only functional and easy to use but affordable as well. For only $165 you can pick up a case of 12 tubes, averaging the cost out to around $14 each. Put the tube into a caulk gun and you’re ready to go – without purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of additional equipment.

You might still be wondering why so many people choose Green Glue over other soundproofing materials. The makers of Green Glue have put it under extensive testing, especially when it comes to its STC (noise level) rating. Green Glue earned an STC of 56, ranking very high when it comes to effectiveness. It’s high STC rating is part of the reason why Green Glue can be used in so many different types of projects – ranging from office buildings to conference rooms and theaters.

Green Glue has a lot of other advantages as well. Because of it’s easy application you won’t have to do a lot of measuring or material cutting before your project begins. All you have to do is squirt it right onto your wall. The easy use of a caulk gun means you won’t have a lot of extra mess to clean up when your project is finished, either.

Ask anyone who’s used Green Glue, amateur or professional, and you’re bound to get the same response. Green Glue is the most effective soundproofing material you could possibly choose!

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