Green Glue Introduces New Packages

Green Glue has long been one of the most popular soundproofing materials on the market. Used by both amateurs and professionals alike, this easy to apply material is one of the most affordable and easy to apply. The makers of Green Glue recently announced their plans to launch a new package of soundproofing products – all under the Green Glue name.

Previous to the launch of the new package of products, soundproofers found that they had to purchase additional products in order to complete their projects. While the Green Glue damping compound was the main material used within each project, they usually had a need for additional pieces to complete the work but had to purchase them from other sources.

Green Glue, in an effort to save you the work of going to multiple suppliers, has created the ultimate soundproofing materials package. It includes:

  • Green Glue Damping Compoundthe material we’re all familiar with. The material is easily applied between an existing surface and a new one to create the ultimate sound control barrier;
  • Acoustical Sealanta material often used to fill in the seams between layers of drywall or to fill in any crevices left behind after construction;
  • Whisper Clipoften used to create soundproof pockets between two walls; and
  • Integrity Gasket Tapealso known as joist tape, gasket tape is used to tape over wall joists to keep them from rubbing or pressing together, making noise after the walls are sealed off.

These four materials make up the core of any good sound proofing project. While sound experts in the past would have had to purchase each separately, Green Glue has made it easy to do one-stop soundproof shopping. By including all of these materials in one package, the folks at Green Glue have certainly positioned themselves as the top soundproofing materials manufacturer in the industry.

Green Glue products are all environmentally friendly and, because they are made with non-toxic ingredients, are amongst the safest to use. Every product included in the new package will prove helpful in the completion of your new soundproofing project. Pick one up before you start your next project – we’re sure you’ll be surprised!

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