Condo Soundproofing

Choosing to live in a multi-family house, apartment, or condo unit certainly has its advantages and disadvantages. The joys of homeownership are certainly worth the effort but the disadvantages of having your neighbors within arms reach – and certainly within earshot, are certainly worth considering.

Sadly, if you have noisy neighbors your only option may be to consider soundproofing your condo. Asking your neighbors to keep the noise level down may only make the problem worse, as some spiteful individuals will only  increase their noise making to agitate you for fun. In situations like this you’ll find that the best option is to help yourself by soundproofing your home, apartment, or condo.

You’ve probably heard of soundproof insulation. Sure, there are plenty of people making thousands of dollars each year selling and installing this material but is it really worth the price? Having insulation blown into holes in your walls, plugging the holes, and repainting the walls may not be as effective as you first think. In most cases, blowing soundproof insulation into the walls will only lessen the sound problem but will not solve them altogether.

Another soundproofing option is to build an entirely new wall within your already existing enclosure. While this idea sounds like it might work, the completion of the project will be both time consuming and costly – not to mention the fact that you’re going to reduce the space in your already cramped dwelling.

So what’s the best soundproofing alternative? All you need to do is create a sound absorbing barrier by applying a damping compoud to your existing walls. The most effective and popular is Green Glue. You don’t have to sand your walls or make any other changes to what is already there. All you need to do is apply Green Glue to the wall, apply another layer of drywall over top, and screw the new drywall into place. Green Glue comes in a tube and can be applied with a regular caulk gun, making it incredibly easy to use.

Using this method to create a sound barrier will ensure you are able to maintain as much space as possible inyour home while eliminating some of the bothersome noise that surrounds you. Using Green Glue and drywall will save you time, money, and a whole lot of aggravation!

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