Soundproofing an Aircraft

Alright – not all of us are lucky enough to own a private aircraft but with major corporations around the globe trying to sell off parts of their fleets you might someday find yourself in the market for a light aircraft. If so, you’ll find your aircraft is one of the noisiest beasts you’ll ever encounter and you’ll probably want to learn a little bit about how to soundproof it.

There are, of course, several custom soundproofing kits available for aircrafts. These are usually easy to find if you own a common breed of aircraft like the Beechcraft, Cessna, or Piper. The problem with these soundproofing kits is that they are usually incredibly expensive and, despite the price, aren’t as effective as they could be.

Before you attempt to sound proof your plane on your own you need to consider one important factor. You are trying to sound proof against exterior noise but as the pilot of your own plane you will need to be able to hear if your plane starts to make a strange noise – anything that might indicate you have a problem and need to land. Make sure you know the difference between annoying cabin noises and true airplane engine problems before you start your project.

That said, we noted before that you don’t need to waste your money on expensive soundproofing kits. Once you’ve identified the source of the noise you wish to eradicate you will want to consider adding a layer of soundproofing material. We highly recommend using Green Glue between the shell of your plane and a second layer of lightweight material. If you have trouble finding something light enough, consider using mass loaded vinyl as your second layer.

Remember – lightweight aircraft are just that – lightweight. Make sure that the soundproofing materials you choose are no too heavy or they will weigh down your plane and may cause you problems. You’ll also want to make sure every product you choose (like the Green Glue or mass loaded vinyl) meets flammability requirements as set forth by local, state, and federal aviation associations.

You’re lucky enough to own an aircraft – now make sure you enjoy it to the fullest extent possible. Soundproofing is an easy solution to aircraft noise problems and you’ll enjoy flying in peace and quiet.

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