Budget Soundproofing: Blackout Curtains

More and more we find that people are looking for cost-cutting alternatives to traditional soundproofing. While we certainly understand the need to save money we also want to make sure you are able to do the best soundproofing job possible with the money you do have to spend.

So you simply can’t stand the noise any longer, right? Is it a really loud noise or are you dealing with something outside yet in the distance? Something continuous and droning but not necessarily “in your face.’ If this is the case you might want to consider soundproofing your home or apartment with blackout curtains.

Blackout curtains have traditionally been used to block light as it streams through windows. They’re especially popular amongst those who work evening shifts and find themselves attempting to sleep in a darkened atmosphere during the day. Even if you aren’t trying to sleep during the day you might find blackout curtains helpful during the summer months when the sun rises three hours earlier than you want to.

Blackout curtains, aside from the soundproofing benefits they provide, are a great energy efficient alternative as well. During the summer months they’ll help to keep the heat out of your home and during the winter months they’ll help to insulate your windows.

We are, of course, worried about your current soundproofing needs. Blackout curtains are incredibly affordable and because of their density and thickness will generally block sound as well – absorbing sound before it can penetrate the windows and cause vibrations in your room.

If you really want to decrease the level of sound that travels through your windows you’ll want to purchase some acoustical caulk as well. Use the caulk to fill the gaps in the window frame. Between this simple fix and your new soundproof blackout curtains you’ll notice a significant decrease in noise.

By the way – blackout curtains, contrary to popular belief, don’t have to be black in color to work. The curtains can be purchased in many different sizes and colors, ensuring you’re able to find something to fit any room, for any age group.

Excess noise can be both physically and psychologically damaging to both animals and humans. Using blackout curtains to reduce noise until you can complete a proper soundproofing job will ensure you and your family remain as healthy as possible.

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