DJ all the Way

At Back To Plastic we know that in order to be the DJ you want to be you have to apply tha old adage you are as good as your equipment, in short you need the right equipment. However equipment can get expensive and you dont allways need the top of the line Pioneer CDJ 1000Mk3 that can run you anywhere from $1,500 to $2,350. Additionalyy you can not always afford to buy Martin Light Jockey DNX Lighting at $2000. Therefore at Back To Plastic we were offering affordable payment plans on all your DJ Equipment and on all your Dj stage lighting . Additionally with advantage of downloading your favorite musical hits from around the world you are ready to go out there and Rock n’ Roll to the delight of the crowd. Your Dj career is onto a solid start and the skies the limit.

While you are pumping out ear sreaming jazz and pop, remember that not everyone has the the same taste for music as you. Some people might even find your taste of music offending and try to block what you consider music out of their lives as they consider it noise pollution. How they deal with the so called noise poluution is a article for itself. Some will just try to relocate to places that the DJ’s and Musical melodies are more for their palate,like to Sweden. Usually they then find that there is the same disturbing music wherever they go, because not everyone finds it disturbing. So the real solution is for them to create their own sanctuary of peace and quiet within their own living space. Although it sounds nice and rosy like every dj knows it is easier said than done. Soundproofing is a science which requires time and effort to be done properly. Check our next page for details.

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