Backyard Soundproofing

Maybe your next door neighbors like to party well into the wee hours of the morning. Perhaps you’re the party animal. In some cases you might find that your neighbors have noisy children, pools, garage bands, or air conditioning units. Whatever the cause of the noise, you may want to consider soundproofing the backyard in order to eliminate the disturbances.

The best way to sound proof your yard is to construct a soundproof fence of either redwood or cedar. These two types of wood not only look good but can effectively withstand the elements, meaning your project will last longer once it’s completed.

Before you can start this particular project you’ll need to check with your township to find out what size fence you are allowed to construct. Your fence, in order to properly block noise, needs to be at least 8′ tall but would be most effective it if were 10′ high instead.

Once you have approval from the township you’ll want to begin construction. Start by sinking your fence posts into concrete footings and, once they’re set, nailing up the cross beams your fence will use for support. Once the cross beams are up you’ll want to staple or nail some mass loaded vinyl to either side of the fence and caulk the seams. Let the caulk dry and the come back and use gasket tape to seal the seams completely.

All you have to do now is start applying the slats to your fence. While some people prefer adding slats to only one side of the fence (leaving the vinyl exposed), you may find that putting slats on both sides of the fence is more eye appealing and will have a better effect when it comes to soundproofing the yard. As long as there is a bit of space for the vinyl to resonate in between the slats you’ll end up with and even more effective sound barrier than you had originally anticipated.

Building a fence around your yard serves a number of purposes. Sure, you’re using it as a sound control method but you’re also enhancing your level of privacy and the value of your home at the same time. A regular fence might block a little bit of noise, like a neighbor in the next yard over talking, but in the end your completed sound proof fence will ensure you’re able to live your life in peace and quiet.

Having your fence professionally installed? Ask the construction crew to help you with the soundproofing work before they get started – or to give you a day in between their tasks to add the soundproofing material on your own. You might be surprised at how accommodating and helpful the fence installation crew can be!

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