Soundproofing 101: Your Teen’s Bedroom

Kids today certainly don’t listen to the same type of music we listened to growing up. Our classic rock sounds have been replaced by high-pitched screams and ridiculously low, pounding bass sounds. The low frequencies, ridiculous lyrics, and incessant rhythmic beats may be ok for the first – oh – 30 seconds but after that you might find yourself ready to take drastic steps in order to make the sound stop. It might be time to consider soundproofing your teenager’s bedroom.

It really isn’t fair to squash your teen’s lifestyle just because you don’t agree with his music choices but it isn’t necessary for you to live a life of misery either. The simplest solution is to do proper soundproofing between his bedroom and your common living area or bedroom but if you want to make sure the project is 100% effective you should really soundproof the entire room.

The most effective soundproofing technique you can use to complete this project is to layer your teen’s bedroom walls with mass loaded vinyl. The material is great for blocking sound and is safe for a child’s room because it is fire retardant. In order to begin the project you will need to purchase enough mass loaded vinyl to cover the walls (and ceiling, if necessary) as well as some 1″ furring strips. If, for example, you have a standard ceiling that stands 8 feet high you will need 4 strips – one for each end and two for the middle. Attaching the mass loaded vinyl with furring strips will ensure there is space for the vinyl itself to breathe as the sounds your teen creates resonate.

Start by installing the furring strips to the stud areas of the wall or ceiling. Once this part of the process is complete you can staple or nail the mass loaded vinyl to the strips. Make sure the layers of mass loaded vinyl overlap slightly so that you can caulk the seams properly with acoustical caulk. After the caulk dries you will need to cover the seams with gasket tape in order to ensure you’ve blocked all sound.

The end result of your soundproofing project will be a room contained within a membrane of sorts. Your teen’s annoying music will remain within his room and your sanity will remain with you. Make sure your teen doesn’t leave his radio pushed up against the wall and you’re guaranteed a noise and vibration free existence!

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