Quantico, VA Study Centers around Soundproofing

In Quantico, VA, a JLUS study compiled by Quantico as well as Stafford County has both military and local officials working to create better sound control measures.

Of particular interest is the noise created by the Quantico Marine Corps Base. The demolition range, in particular, produces noises and booms loud enough to shake homes, if not just windows. The studies are looking to protect homes both in and around the base, especially in areas where residents have been complaining.

The plan specifically focuses on the areas around VA 610. It would focus on residential homes but hospitals, daycares, sports centers, and other commercial structures would not be included.

The Joint Land Use Study estimates that it would cost approximately $10,000 to soundproof each home. This cost is not too much different, in comparison, to soundproofing a new home while it is still under construction. The study also suggests making a noise disclosure mandatory for any home sold in the Military Influence Area.

The impact Quantico has on the local economy is huge, so keeping the base and local residents happy is paramount.

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