Reliving the Tragedy of the Station Nightclub

We talk quite a bit  about the tragedy that happened on February 20th, 2003 at the Station Nightclub. That’s because the fire there that killed the lives of almost 100 people was something preventable. It was something that would not have happened had the nightclub owners used real soundproofing materials and had the entertainers not taken such risks in their performances.

We read a touching story in the Johnson Sun Rise the other day. It was about Gina Russo and her family. While her mother babysat her two children, Gina and her fiance were in the Station Nightclub. When the blaze broke out, Gina made it out but her fiance did not.

Gina recently published a book called “From the Ashes.” It documents how her life has changed since that fateful day.

Please, if you’re thinking about cutting on costs and using makeshift soundproofing products – think again. Using the wrong materials might not only make your sound problems worse but can change your life forever if a tragedy occurs.

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