Eliminating Cell Phone Camera Noise

It occurs to us that while some people are relatively adept at using cell phones and their related technology, others could use a little help when it comes to getting things started. One of the most common questions we’ve seen lately revolves around silencing the sound a cell phone makes when you use it to take photographs.

First of all, the default settings on any cell phone are usually very loud. In most cases you can to into your phone’s settings, visit the tools menu, and make any changes you need to the sound levels. You can change not only the type of tone you hear but the frequency as well.

In many cases there is a button right on the side of the cell phone that allows you to control volume. Using this button between phone calls will change the volume of your ringer and in many cases lowers the volume on all of your controls at the same time.

Play with your phone and, if in doubt, visit the website of the phone manufacturer or give them a call. There is almost always a sound solution when it comes to cell phones, even if it’s not easy to find at first.

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