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Yarra Town Council Looks to Help Music Venues

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Simon Huggins, a Yarra councillor, is taking action to help well-established music venues in the area. It seems as though multiple venues are being threatened with legal action due to noise complaints. The sheer number of complaints, however, is a concern, as government officials don’t want to see complaints ultimately destroy the town’s vibrant music industry and nightlife.

So what did Huggins propose? He proposed creating a fund to assist in the high costs of soundproofing older buildings. He’s found that some of the longer-standing venues are failing to meet EPA guidelines in buildings that were built before the guidelines were put in place.

Whatever measure he proposes wouldn’t necessarily help new venues in newer buildings, but would focus more on helping long-established venues in older or historic buildings find ways to more effectively and affordably control noise.

The budget hasn’t been completely mapped out. There’s no detailed plan. We hope to see one, though. It’d be amazing to see a city that values music take action to help the venues that give it life.