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Massachusetts DOT to Remove a Soundproof Wall

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Residents of Newburyport, a town in Massachusetts, were surprised during their October MassDOT public briefing meeting.

The state has been working on a project to replace the Whittier Bridge and improve sections of I-95. The October meeting held in Amesbury High School was held to address the concerns the public had about the project and to show what the wider highway would look like.

As part of the project, the current soundproofing wall between the highway and the neighborhood will be removed. The current wall is 12 feet wide and the new wall will be thinner. The new wall will be constructed in a slightly different place, allowing for the growth of some brush and foliage, which will also help to soundproof the area.

Residents were concerned that MassDOT officials were constructing a wall that would not properly buffer sounds, but a spokesperson for the agency said any new wall would have the same sound-buffering qualities as the original.

It’ll be interesting to see what actually happens to the noise levels once this project is complete.