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Would you pay $3,000/month for a home?

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

That’s one of the questions being asked in Michigan where, in the Grand Rapids area, visitors are given tours of the Union Square condominium building.

As a condominium building, the facility is only 7 years old. As a structure, it’s more than 100-years old, formerly the home of a high school.

While moderately sized at 1,900 square feet, the units inside aren’t cheap, priced at $3,000 per month. The developers did upgrade the building, though. The windows are insulated and the entire structure has had soundproofing material built in – a nice amenity for a building set next to a five-lane highway.

They are nice units for those with a lavish lifestyle. Each has two floors, large bathrooms, decks for lounging, bamboo bedroom flooring, marble showers, and more.

I just can’t get over the proximity to the highway. Even with soundproofing, I’m not sure I’d way to pay $3,000/month for that type of view!