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New San Diego FBI Headquarters Opens

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

CBS8 in San Diego reported the opening of the new FBI headquarters in the same city. The building, if you check out the article and attached video, looks really nice. The new facility has been open for about 2-3 months now. The stunning 250,000 foot building features a gorgeous courtyard as well as a gym.

The part that tickled me, though, was the glib remark the writer made about the soundproofing. Apparently things in the old office were so bad they had actually glued panels of carpet to the walls.

Just as a reminder – we covered that back in June of 2009 with – Soundproofing Mistakes – Carpet on the Walls.

I have to be honest, though. I can’t blame them for trying. When sound is a concern, you can start to feel a little desperate. FBI agents have stressful jobs and I’m sure that anyone coming back to the office after working a case would pay a dear price for some peace and quiet.

I’m just glad to see they got a new building before they resorted to hay bales or dark paint!

TF Green Airport Closes Runway

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

The TF Green Airport in Rhode Island shut down it’s secondary runway in late July. The shut-down is the first stage of a 4-year improvement project that will not only extend the runways but will take care of local soundproofing concerns as well.

The shutdown of the runway is actually temporary. They’re starting by addressing some safety concerns but will then reopen that particular track before the holidays. The track will remain open until the Spring, when nicer weather will allow construction to resume again.

The airport has huge plans that will take them straight through 2017. They’re building a collection system to protect the environment from the deicing solution used on planes and they also have plans to extend the airport’s main runway.

Area homes are of concerns as well. Throughout the entire process, the airport will be reviewing homes to see if they fall under FAA guidelines. Homes that qualify may be offered a voluntary buyout and those that do not want the buyout will be offered soundproofing. This applies to both business and residential properties.