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Will the Rock n’ Roll School Be Too Noisy?

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

The former Woodstock Jewish Congregation building in Saugerties will soon be a school – a rock n’ roll school, that is.

After months of planning, the representatives of the Paul Green Rock Academy seemed to have convinced concerned neighbors and planning board members that they have sufficient plans for soundproofing the rooms in the building before opening for business.

With an open date slated for July, the facility will feature a series of 5 classrooms. There will also be a recital hall. The school is geared towards children ages 8 through 18 and will focus mainly on the mastery of classic rock skills. Sounds like the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s don’t stand a chance of dying any time soon.

There were some other stipulations that had to be met. The facility is only allowed to hold 24 recitals per year, each ending no later than 10pm. They can only be held on Fridays and Saturdays and any shows on Sundays must be matinee performances. The noise must be no louder than 60 decibels at the property line.

It seems like the Paul Green Rock Academy wants to be a good neighbor while offering a valuable service to society and the community. Hopefully their neighbors will be satisfied with their sound barrier plans and will give the school the space and respect it deserves. Besides, it sounds like they’ll have plenty of great shows to enjoy in the near future!

The Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Looks to Soundproof

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

The Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Thebarton, Adelaide is preparing to undergo a soundproofing project, and the entire thing is already undergoing a great deal of scrutiny.

According to 7News in Australia, the church has received a grant of $5 million, causing a political upheaval. Why? The grant came directly from the federal government.

Politicians, like Nick Xenophon, one of the senators, believe the amount is ridiculously excessive. When questioned, Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese confirmed that the church is eligible for insulation under legislation that protects places impacted by the growing noise imprint within the city.

It is important to note that two other area churches have also received grants. One has received $3 million and the other has received $3.5 million. The government believes each has received the minimum amount necessary to conduct properly soundproof the facilities.

Funding for these projects is coming from a fund created by the Adelaide Airport levy – a fund put together to pay for changes caused by airport sound pollution. Of particular interest, however, is a current investigation of the priest, Father Prokopios Kanavas concerning an allegedly forged reference of character. Could there be other forms of fraud occurring in relation to the costs of these projects? Probably not, but we’ll know in time.