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Ask the Pro: What if *I’m* The Noisy One?

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

The other day we saw an article on the DigitalLife secton of the website. The person who wrote in with the question stated that he realizes he *is* the noisy neighbor others complain about. he wanted to know what he could do to be more courteous. Kudos to him for at least recognizing the problem and asking about it.

I’m not so sure I agree with the answers the guy was given, though. While the writer was correct in that soundproofing isĀ best done at the construction level, he sort of glosses over the fact that it can certainly – without a doubt – be done post-construction as well. Talking to your neighbors, using acoustic panels, and turning down the volume all help, but you need to find a solution that is amenable to you as well.

So why not soundproof an entire room with Green Glue or some other soundproofing material? That’s the answer I didn’t see presented, so I offer it to you now. Grab a friend or two, buy some Green Glue and drywall, and redo the room you want to use as a theater. No harm, no foul. A weekend of work will allow you to enjoy your creature comforts without bothering a neighbor!

Noise Relief for Warwick, RI Residents

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Residents of Warwick, Rhode Island have finally received the news they’ve been waiting for. The town has finally, officially received the funding it needs to start a soundproofing program to benefit residents living near the T.F. Green Airport.

In the past, Mayor Scott Avedisian and his people have been disappointed by proposed programs that haven’t taken off. This program specifically earmarks more than $20 million for the project, to be used to soundproof more than 440 homes over the course of the next 3-4 years.

Despite the advancements, some residents are leery. The airport has the ability to handle up to 6 million passenger planes in a given calendar year but currently maxes out at about 3 million. This means the traffic has plenty of room to grow as the airport becomes more popular. Some residents simply aren’t sure it’s worth staying in town – soundproof or not.