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Row Home Party Wall Soundproofing

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

We’re always reading and we came across another great account of a guy who suddenly found the need to soundproof the party wall between his townhouse and his neighbor’s. The house was 100 years old but he was surprised to find old horse-hair plaster between their homes when he began gutting his side of the wall.

So what should he do?

No one wants to damage the integrity of a 100 year old home. We’d recommend considering Green Glue noise proofing, adding some new drywall, installing a layer of the damping compound, and installing a second layer of drywall on top of the first. This method will take care of the sound problems the old construction was causing, is cost effective, and will certainly restore peace amongst the neighbors.

Soundproofing Shared Student Housing

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Living with others, especially those living the college life, can be incredibly tough. A student recently asked a question about how he could soundproof his room better so that he does not lose sleep when his less-than-quiet roommates come in late at night.

The real question is whether he is living in a dorm or in a rented apartment. We’ll assume he can’t apply Green Glue to the walls and we’ll opt for some cheaper, removable methods of soundproofing instead.

If the noise is coming from below, try throwing some bigger throw-rugs down on the floors. If it is coming through a side wall, try hanging sound absorbing panels, cork, or even foam and tapestries on the walls in your room.

They’re not stellar techniques, but when trying to get through college you’ll find that every little bit helps.