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Soundproofing Mistakes: Launching an Offensive

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Are your neighbors the source of your sound control problems? If so, you may feel aggravated and angry every time you see (or hear) them and you may spend a lot of time sitting around trying to think of a way to get even with them.

Huge mistake.

Despite what you may believe, your neighbors may not be aware that the levels of noise they create are bothersome to you. Your best bet is to approach your neighbors, in a friendly manner, and talk to them about the situation. Maybe your neighbor doesn’t realize that his teenage son’s bedroom (and radio) are right across from your own. Perhaps he simply doesn’t realize that his dog hangs out in the part of the yard closest to your home at night.

The best bet is a polite discussion. You neighbor may be able to make a change that solves your problem without a lot of time, money, or the implementation of an expensive sound proofing project.