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La Prima Restaurant in Calistoga to Have Live Music

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

After appealing for permission from the Planning Commission, the gorgeous pizza restaurant in Calistoga known as La Prima was given permission to host live music performances within its establishment.

The restaurant has to make a few small changes. They have to make space for additional parking and, of course, add some additional soundproofing to the establishment. If all goes well, the conditional approval could turn into a permanent change.

The planning commission voted 4-o to allow the approval to go through. Neighbors, on the other hand, plan to continue to appeal because they wanted the application denied. Why not let La Prima at least give it a try, eh?

Saraton Theatre to Open in March 2010

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

The newly renovated Saraton Theatre will open in Grafton in March of 2010. The theatre, complete withnew seats, new electrical cables, advanced audio assistance materials, redriven nails, and a new sewer system (amongst other things) is slated to open in March of 2010. By then, officials hope, all of the new projection equipment will be in the building and fully operational.

The theater does, of course, have few other special features. Our favorite is the new soundproofing they’ve added to the walls, ensuring nearby businesses and neighbors won’t be disrupted during performances. The renovated theatre should be amazing when it opens!

Artistic Soundproofing

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Looking to make some soundproofing modifications to your room while maintaining your low or nonexistent budget?

Try making the most of your favorite posters and paintings while turning them into sound absorbing panels. All you have to do is place some soundproof materials inside the back of the frame and you don’t have to spend a lot on expensive soundproofing materials, either. Try the following:

  • Apply a layer of Green Glue to the cardboard at the back of your painting or poster and then put another layer of cardboard over top, creating a sound absorbing barrier.
  • Place a layer of felt in between the poster and the cardboard backing.
  • Glue a layer of mass loaded vinyl to the back of the poster or painting.

Before you know it you’ll have some beautiful sound panels, all relatively inexpensive to create, and your visitors will never know the difference!

Wood Pellet Makers are Too Noisy

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Out in Plainfield Township, Pennsylvania, residents are up in arms. There is a wood pellet manufacturer in the area and nearby neighbors insist that the company makes way too much noise.

Lawyers for the pellet making factory, TreeCycle, insist that the company has taken extreme measures to lower the decible levels at the plant. Plainfield Township representatives insist that the plant is violating noise ordinances and has asked them to stop all operations.

TreeCycle has built soundproof covers for their equipment and has built a 12 foot wall to help absorb sound before it leaves the property.

So what do you think. Has TreeCycle acted fairly? We think so.

Is the Paris Nightlife a Thing of the Past?

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

The nightlife in Paris, for those of you who are familiar with the area, used to be bustling with activity. Now, as the skies grow dark the streets of Paris tend to become a bit quieter. It’s still well-lit and gorgeous but things are growing silent. As time has gone on, more and more establishments have opted to close during the evening hours.

But why?

Paris was once home to a myriad of neighborhoods famous for partying but over the past few years the party goers have moved out and a more sophisticated crowd has moved in. The type of sophisticated who prefer soundproofing their homes to opening their windows to enjoy the music.

Can Paris be saved?

A groupof people from the Paris music industry have banned together to create a petition. They’re asking the city to offer public funding that can be put towards soundproofing some of the area’s hottest electronic music establishments. If they don’t get what they ask for the city’s music scene, which has already seen losses to London and Berlin, may disappear completely.

Scott Rothstein, Florida Lawyer, Under Investigation

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Scott Rothstein, a lawyer from the Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler firm in Florida, is facing the scrutiny of federal agents. The FBI believes that Mr. Rothstein may have misappropriated millions of dollars worth of investment funds.

Rothstein has not admitted to any inappropriate deeds and no one knows for sure whether or not he is cooperating with or has met with federal authorities.

What we do know is that Rothstein conducts business in a very strange setting. Mr. Rothstein has a private entrance to his firm as well as a private elevator. He has high-tech monitoring equipment outside of his office suite and has had soundproofing materials installed all around his office.

We like soundproofing – we don’t like shady dealings. We can’t wait to see how this case plays out.

Eliminating Cell Phone Camera Noise

Monday, November 9th, 2009

It occurs to us that while some people are relatively adept at using cell phones and their related technology, others could use a little help when it comes to getting things started. One of the most common questions we’ve seen lately revolves around silencing the sound a cell phone makes when you use it to take photographs.

First of all, the default settings on any cell phone are usually very loud. In most cases you can to into your phone’s settings, visit the tools menu, and make any changes you need to the sound levels. You can change not only the type of tone you hear but the frequency as well.

In many cases there is a button right on the side of the cell phone that allows you to control volume. Using this button between phone calls will change the volume of your ringer and in many cases lowers the volume on all of your controls at the same time.

Play with your phone and, if in doubt, visit the website of the phone manufacturer or give them a call. There is almost always a sound solution when it comes to cell phones, even if it’s not easy to find at first.

Hotel Le Roi Features Soundproof Rooms

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

A new hotel has opened in New Delhi, India and it’s already receiving rave reviews. The Hotel Le Roi, owned by the Roi Hotels India Pvt. Ltd company, stunned visitors who expected the hotel to be similar in nature to the chain’s other boutique hotels and hostels. What they found in place was a huge surprise.

Hotel Le Roi is definitely a boutique hotel, featuring a mere 50 rooms, but the amenities found within its walls put it on par with some of the larger hotels in the area. Inside you’ll find marble floors, electronic key card systems, minibars, high speed internet, and much more.

The hotel is located in a very busy area of the city known as Paharganj. Despite it’s bustling location, the hotel has managed to include a number of sound control elements to ensure visitors are able to relax in a serene and peaceful setting. Sounds like Hotel Le Roi may be worth checking out if you ever venture towards India!

Soundproofing Mistakes: Launching an Offensive

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Are your neighbors the source of your sound control problems? If so, you may feel aggravated and angry every time you see (or hear) them and you may spend a lot of time sitting around trying to think of a way to get even with them.

Huge mistake.

Despite what you may believe, your neighbors may not be aware that the levels of noise they create are bothersome to you. Your best bet is to approach your neighbors, in a friendly manner, and talk to them about the situation. Maybe your neighbor doesn’t realize that his teenage son’s bedroom (and radio) are right across from your own. Perhaps he simply doesn’t realize that his dog hangs out in the part of the yard closest to your home at night.

The best bet is a polite discussion. You neighbor may be able to make a change that solves your problem without a lot of time, money, or the implementation of an expensive sound proofing project.