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Illegal File Sharing

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

As this site started out as music site it is only proper for us to continue filling you in on the latest music news. Illegal files haring is a sore topic among artists and producers alike. As millions of profitable dollars dissapear . The digital age has caused the problem to increase ten fold. As studios and producers spend big bucks in their production including utilizing the latest technology available in the acoustic and soundproofing field. We can understand their frustration of constantly having to spend even more money in order to thwart attempts of unscrupulous characters. maybe they should pool their money together and launch a campaign, mandating all schools to teach the children that all their actions will be accountable before G-d. That may bring an air of honesty into the world.

Airtight Soundproofing

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

You might expect it to be easier to install a lot of soundproofing material in order to make your room or home quiet. The simple truth is that it is easier and less expensive to make a room airtight than it is to purchase a lot of insulation or drywall.

The best way to do this is by filling in any gaps or cracks with acoustical caulk. The problem with this is that you can’t necessarily seal all of your heating or cooling vents with caulk. In these types of situations you’ll have to purchase creative magnetic covers to put over the vents when they’re not in use!

Airtight soundproofing is very easy to achieve and in many cases is the only solution you need. Check your home or room for cracks through which sound can enter or escape – then seal them up!

Separating Yourself from Noise

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

As with any life situation, reacting emotionally to your sound problems can end up being costly and unproductive. We highly recommend you take a day or two to step back from your noise problems to clear your head before conquering your new project. So how can you do this?

  • Consider going on a mini-vacation for a day or two. Do something relaxing or enjoyable and recharge your emotional batteries.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. Use earplugs or a while nose machine if you are able to stay a home to do so. Consider staying at the house of a friend or family member for a night as well.
  • Come to terms with the way you feel about the cause of the noise. If, for example, the noise is being caused by a neighbor you’ll want to put your negative feelings aside so that you can have a civil conversation with him before you take soundproofing action.

Taking the time to separate yourself from your noise problems will give you a clear mindset. You’ll be better able to attack your soundproofing project without wasting money on a hastily put together project created out of desperation!

Recording Studio Soundproofing

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

The first trick to effectively soundproofing a recording studio is to carefully build the interior walls. You will, of course, need to use soundproof materials to enhance sound absorption but the building techniques here are invaluable. Check out what the experts have to say!

The Maryknoll School gets a Gym

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Believe it or not, the Maryknoll School in Honolulu has existed for years without a school gymnasium. Students at the high school have spent the past 82 years traveling to other schools or parks in order to practice and compete in various sporting events. Hardly fair.

The gym itself is part of the grade-school campus but is designed for use by everyone. The gym has a NBA-regulation basketball court and is the only school gymnasium in the state to have central air conditioning.

What do we like about the gym? The fact that it is soundproof, of course. Developers understood the impact a formal gym would have on the community and nearby residental buildings and took special care in developing a gym complete with soundproof insulation. Kudos to the contractors for the excellent planning skills!

Help! I Live Near a Train Line!

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Are you in the unfortunate position of having purchased or rented a home near a railway line? If so, take comfort in the fact that hope is not lost. There are a few things you can do to soundproof your living area and reduce the amount of noise that permeates your living space.

For starters, try hanging a few heavy drapes over your windows and patio doors. They’re not 100% effective but will significantly reduce the amount of noise you hear by absorbing some of the sound as it passes through. Another option, if your own your space, is to replace your windows and doors with new styles that feature soundproof glass.

The only other option, which is completely unfeasible in most cases, is to move. It’s up to you to decide what works best for you.