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How to soundproof

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

This new and updated article on “How to soundproof” is the best we have seen out there to date. Clearly explained with vivid graphics this article is a must read whether your soundproofing a room, an office building or your basement. Sound is an issue and what used to once a nuisance from the outside is now a nusiance in your own home as well. With game consoles and large HD TV’s creeping into homes you may want your own quiet bedroom. Be sure to read that article and comment below on your thoughts.

You can read more on noise pollution here

Mass Loaded Vinyl – Condo Ceiling

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Sound from your neighbor below above or on the side of you can drive you batty when living in a condo. Mass Loaded Vinyl has been something that’s been touted around a lot. Considering the difficulty of doing any type of construction in a condo it may be your only choice. Just lay it down on the floor and cover it with a carpet and pad, the thicker the pad the better it will dampen your footsteps (but it won’t help stop the sound coming from below, the MLV will). However if you are trying to stop the sound coming into your walls or ceiling the simplest solution would be to add a 2nd layer of drywall with a damping compound in between . Read a more detailed soundproofing article on this subject.

Soundproofing a Shed

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Want to put that empty shed in the backyard to good use? We occasionally hear from acoustical artists looking for a quiet place to practice – a place where they won’t disturb family or neighbors. If this is you, and you have an empty shed (or one that can be emptied), you may want to consider soundproofing the shed and then doing your creative work out there.

Soundproofing a shed is pretty easy. All you’ll need to do is apply a layer of Green Glue damping compound to the existing walls and ceiling and then install new drywall over top. Since you’re in a shed, you may want to put a layer of Green Glue on the floor as well, under either drywall or tiles. Before you know it you’ll have you’re own sound absorbing box and your neighbors will never know you’re out there!

STOP Before You Buy a Condo

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Purchasing a condo seemed like a great idea at the time, didn’t it? Until your first night, when you realized that your upstairs, next door (on both sides) and even downstairs neighbors were a lot noisier than you could have ever imagined.

And what, pray tell, did your realtor tell you about the noise levels in your condo development? He or she probably told you that you were preparing to move into a quiet community. Yea. Right.

Before you run out and purchase soundproofing materials for your condo, remember one thing: your condo association dictates the type of construction work you are allowed to complete, even within your own walls. Don’t waste your time or money purchasing soundproofing materials until you’ve spoken to the association. They’ll likely have rules regarding the types of materials you can use or – believe it or not – the hours during which you can make noise with your own construction project!

Once you have the go ahead from the association, get started. I know how much you’re craving a good night’s sleep!