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Noisy Computer Servers

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

Noisy computer servers are distracting to work nearby to say the list and can have serious effects on one the health of people who are exposed to it hours at a time. This has prompted many people and companies to try to enclose the servers in soundproof enclosures, however this leads to a heat buildup that can permanently damage the servers. So far the solution has been to build “server rooms” this adds a tremendous real estate cost to many companies. Additionally this would not be a solution when you need the server close by as by trade shows or for noisy lab equipment.
Now a new solution has hit the market a soundproof enclosure with fans to dissipate the heat and the noise generated by the fans? taken cane of using Active Noise Control Technology.

Finally something to help sound control for windows

Sunday, May 15th, 2016

We have been waiting a while to find the correct product to help control sound coming in or going out through your windows. While there are solutions as in adding another window in front of your existing window we do not think that is too practical. Now we have come across a removable Window Soundproof Panel attached with velcro this can be put up and taken down as needed. It is available with a covering which is a great light blocker too, in addition to being available in a clear see through vinyl. Check it out and if you use it please comment below to let our readers know if they work well.

How to soundproof

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

This new and updated article on “How to soundproof” is the best we have seen out there to date. Clearly explained with vivid graphics this article is a must read whether your soundproofing a room, an office building or your basement. Sound is an issue and what used to once a nuisance from the outside is now a nusiance in your own home as well. With game consoles and large HD TV’s creeping into homes you may want your own quiet bedroom. Be sure to read that article and comment below on your thoughts.

You can read more on noise pollution here

Quantico, VA Study Centers around Soundproofing

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

In Quantico, VA, a JLUS study compiled by Quantico as well as Stafford County has both military and local officials working to create better sound control measures.

Of particular interest is the noise created by the Quantico Marine Corps Base. The demolition range, in particular, produces noises and booms loud enough to shake homes, if not just windows. The studies are looking to protect homes both in and around the base, especially in areas where residents have been complaining.

The plan specifically focuses on the areas around VA 610. It would focus on residential homes but hospitals, daycares, sports centers, and other commercial structures would not be included.

The Joint Land Use Study estimates that it would cost approximately $10,000 to soundproof each home. This cost is not too much different, in comparison, to soundproofing a new home while it is still under construction. The study also suggests making a noise disclosure mandatory for any home sold in the Military Influence Area.

The impact Quantico has on the local economy is huge, so keeping the base and local residents happy is paramount.

Adelaide Hospital Receives Soundproofing

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Have you ever had the opportunity to see a rescue helicopter in action? The specialized crew searches for an open field, they quickly wisk away accident victims, and they land on the roof of the nearest trauma center. There, more trained professionals scurry to the rescue.

The process is a good one Рunless you happen to be one of the hospital patients who happens to have a room directly beneath the helicopter landing pad. In that case, the process seems counterproductive, especially considering all of the studies that show how disruptive and counterproductive hospital noise can be.

According to, the Royal Adelaide Hospital is participating in a test program run by CSIRO. They’re opening a new hospital in two years, and they want to make sure the “rock concert”-like sound from rescue helicopters doesn’t become too much of an issue.

They’ve literally been building walls, testing sound levels, knocking the walls down, and building them again. It’s a serious process designed to make sure the project can be expanded to larger areas of the hospital with success.

Soundproofing is serious business, especially when it comes to outrageously loud noises. We can’t wait to see how this project ultimately turns out.

A Car with No Soundproofing?

Friday, July 12th, 2013

Fifteen years ago, the folks at Volkswagen set a challenge for themselves. They wanted to build a car that can travel 235 miles per gallon. Today, they’re tinkering with the most futuristic car – probably in the world – and it gets a whopping 261 miles per gallon so far.

The prototype of the VW XL1 was first driven back in 2002 when Dr. Ferdinand Piech drove it on down to the shareholders meeting. Granted, that ride was likely less than pleasant thanks to the nose the prototype was probably making.

Regardless, 13 years later, the hybrid that focuses on diesel and electric is preparing to hit production lines for a limited run.

To be honest, the concept scares me a little bit. The miles per gallon is stellar, despite being actually unrealistic for a car undergoing normal use. Despite that, you’ll still end up getting far more miles per gallon than you would in any other car.

The car only seats two people and it has very limited storage space. In other words, you’re not taking it on a long road trip and you’re probably not picking anyone up from the airport.

Part of the reason the MPG number is so good is the vehicle’s weight. Made of carbon fiber materials, the entire car weighs in at only 1,753 pounds.

And the part that makes us sad? When the car switches from electric to diesel, you hear a really loud grinding noise. I guess you can’t properly soundproof a car you want to be as light as humanly possible.

I don’t think I’ll be taking a ride in one anytime soon. Will you?


The Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Looks to Soundproof

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

The Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Thebarton, Adelaide is preparing to undergo a soundproofing project, and the entire thing is already undergoing a great deal of scrutiny.

According to 7News in Australia, the church has received a grant of $5 million, causing a political upheaval. Why? The grant came directly from the federal government.

Politicians, like Nick Xenophon, one of the senators, believe the amount is ridiculously excessive. When questioned, Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese confirmed that the church is eligible for insulation under legislation that protects places impacted by the growing noise imprint within the city.

It is important to note that two other area churches have also received grants. One has received $3 million and the other has received $3.5 million. The government believes each has received the minimum amount necessary to conduct properly soundproof the facilities.

Funding for these projects is coming from a fund created by the Adelaide Airport levy – a fund put together to pay for changes caused by airport sound pollution. Of particular interest, however, is a current investigation of the priest, Father Prokopios Kanavas concerning an allegedly forged reference of character. Could there be other forms of fraud occurring in relation to the costs of these projects? Probably not, but we’ll know in time.

Would You Spend $46K on a Night of Sleep?

Monday, May 20th, 2013

That’s right. I said $46,000. Forty-six thousand dollars. On what? On a good night of sleep, of course. It’s worth it, isn’t it?

According to the New York Post, that’s just what some people are doing. A mother of triplets in New York City had a horrible time getting sleep with three babies in the house. One morning, after having absolutely no sleep, she started searching for answers.

In this particular instance, soundproofing a room wasn’t the answer. The babies actually did need someone’s attention throughout the night. It was just that this particular mom couldn’t give them all the attention they needed, one after the other, without staying up all night.

Her solution? She hired a baby nurse to spend the evenings at her house Рsix  nights a week. The nurse stayed in their employ for a total of 12 weeks, at $300 per night (6 nights per week). You do the math on that astronomical tab.

They’re not the only ones spending this kind of dough, either. One New Yorker paid to have carpeting installed in his upstairs neighbor’s apartment to shield him from the noise of their late nights (carpet they eventually uninstalled because the neighbor’s dog didn’t like it). He eventually installed a soundproof ceiling instead. It cost this guy $10k to install that ceiling, but he said it made the difference in allowing him to keep his home.

For some, money is no object. For others, frugality is key. What would you spend to live a quiet life?

Soundproofing While Decorating

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

While soundproofing is an incredibly important aspect of creating any space, it is often one that is overlooked. The best way to tackle a soundproofing project in a new apartment or house is by incorporating some of the work into your overall decorating plan.

How? It’s easy. If you have a little bit of money in your budget, you could install some Green Glue and drywall before you even paint the room. If you have a very minimal or nonexistent budget you could consider hanging decorative drapes or tapestries to help deaden the sound a bit.

Either way, soundproofing is possible. Simply get creative and your room will be quieter than it was before.

Introducing the ZAGG Smartbud

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

While soundproofing within the home is of utmost importance, we occasionally like to go old-school and share a bit about a new sound sound device. We take particular interest in earphones and buds because they are your first line of personal defense when it comes to protecting yourself and others from sound – especially if you love loud music.

The ZAGG Smartbud is the newest to hit the market. The buds come in a compact carrying case and have a number of special features, including volume control on the cord and a microphone. Most users love that the cord is thick enough to be resistant to tangles as well. These are definitely worth checking out if you are in the market for new ear buds

*We were not paid to write this review, nor did we receive a free product. This review is based solely on our opinion.